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Merging Science & Treatment

Using the latest advancements in genetic and metabolic testing, we work with you to understand how your unique biology plays a role in eating disorders and work together on a treatment plan that is just right for you.

GIFTED: Genetic Information for Treating Eating Disorders

How can scientific advancements help treat your eating disorder?

In this book, Dr. Lutter breaks down the science of how Whole Exome Sequencing can identify new treatment options.

Treatment Services

We offer a number of clinical services designed to match your personal goals

How GIFTED Works

Learn about how Whole Exome Sequencing may identify new treatment options

Meet Dr. Lutter

Meet Dr. Lutter and how his experience can help you along your journey

My Philosophy

I fundamentally believe that all human beings want to feel happy, successful, and accomplished. I do not feel that anyone wants to be sick or chooses not to get better because they do not want to work hard enough. The purpose of my practice is to help patients find the roadblocks that are preventing them from accomplishing their goals and to find new ways for them to be personally successful. As such, I view my Psychiatry practice as a partnership with the patient that benefits from the active participation of the patient in their care.

Precision Psychiatry Specialty Services

Intense fear of eating and gaining weight

Cycles of binge eating followed by purging by vomiting or laxatives

Repeated episodes of eating more food than intended

Inability to experience joy, low energy, and low motivation

Fear or worry that is excessive to the situation

Cycles of low mood and elevated mood lasting days or weeks at a time

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If, after normal treatments have failed, you’re still suffering from your eating disorder or other psychiatric disorder, then it might be time to evaluate whether genetics has a role to play. Contact Dr. Lutter at Precision Psychiatry today to get started on the road to recovery.